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    Sinopsis we are dating now I like that even though he looks ridiculous he still plays out his roll. I love this drama so much coz it is so addictive. She got what she wanted in the end and married a rich person. Retrieved January 23, 2014. I would think the black bra was much series then the one on the couch. Never a dull episode! My favorite actors in this was actually Kwon Sang Woo stole the show from SJS and Lee Eui Jung played his romantic partner. I am thankful to the writer that the character Han Yeo-Reum was taken care well. And it cheapens the trauma of real rape victims. But good god, Ki-tae and Jang-mi own me, through and through. The main lead was really pathetic. And the second leads continue to just make me throw my hands up. Ki Tae was a smart and interesting character. Loved his whole hallucination scene. That was the time to say it all and they blew it! Jang-mi goes for a walk and runs into Se-ah. With awesome chemistry and fashion. Retrieved December 20, 2014. Sinopsis we are dating now Se ah is still acceptable bc technically she was helping gitae and she doesnt care about jangmi. COMMENTS Con first of all, I have to give a giant HOORAY. They have been such an awesome pairing. She do it for her own en. At the end of the first day, the signed Shatter Me CD was already sold out. CAEHS is well connected by all means of transportation via road and railways. One of the best. Relationship where dating leads to something more, be sure to choose to use that power.

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