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    Windows vista business oem iso digital river Windows Vista Home Basic. I play computer games, and check email and watch videos and what-not. I got a prompt to upgrade BIOS and it is frozen, maybe keyboard locked unresponsive with black screen and no cursor. I really need Vista Business and Vista. In both cases: I tried those disc drives in the other computers. Do you know where to find the 64 bit version too? Most older software I used works with it. At least it did it for me. If you purchased the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you will be given the choice of two download types. At the bottom there will be some message about activation, click this link. Or it no longer works, weird, right? Finally wait for it to make the. Does anyone have a copy of this? Sometimes there are temporary issues with those files on the Digital River server. The WIM file is in the Sources folder and the size is 2,097,153 every time I download it. Please promote them by logging in to IdeaStorm using your same account as the community forums and clicking on the promote button please do not click demote in error. Select the browse folder button and then navigate to your Vista folder and then select the boot folder and finally select the file called etfsboot. Links to Digital River downloads and. Allright, the instructions are not very clear about boot. Windows vista business oem iso digital river The other option: I have tried installing Windows Vista 64 bits SP1 and it is installed, however the big issue is that once is installed it does not allow me to install the SP2 neither update any drver such as video, RAS Async adapter plus the computer is very slow, it is a Dell Latitude D630. This is a OEM so it will only work with one motherboard. I did download a few copies of Vista ISO and have no idea how to create an installation DVD. ConsThere is nothing I dislike about this product other than getting used to the new design after using Windows 7. I upgraded from 7 because I refused the 8.

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